Quick Property Sale – Bristol

You may be looking to sell your property quickly because:

Using traditional methods of selling property in this market place is very slow, methods such as estate agents, self selling in the papers and online. With the increase in deposits and proof of source of funds, the first time market place is has shrunk.

Even if you can find a buyer, 1 in 4 deals will still fall through.

There are two methods to sell your property quickly – Property Auctions and Investors. Both are cash buyers, neither have chains that can fall through, and both complete very quickly.

However at an auction, you are at the mercy of who ever is in the room, how quickly you can get your property into auction, and how local the auction is to your property. Any of these factors will affect the price that you will get for your house.

It is always worthwhile to talk to an investor. They will take the time to discuss your personal circumstances. They may come up with solutions that you didn’t consider, like a lease option, rent back, buy back, part now – part later deal.

Everyone’s circumstances are different.

Explore your options – but most importantly, do something quickly. The sooner you start, the sooner you can resolve your situation